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Justin Bieber Saves A Russian Man Who Was Being Attacked By A Bear! Well, Sort Of…

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One Russian man owes his life to Justin Bieber after he was attacked by a bear!

Justin Bieber has been making TONS of headlines lately for his beef with Orlando Bloom and his blatant disregard for wearing pants properly!

But did you know that while you were busy sitting at your computer and judging him, he was out saving a man from a bear attack in Russia?? Well, kind of…

42-year-old Igor Vorozhbitsyn was fishing in the Yakutia Republic when he was suddenly attacked by a brown bear! It seemed like the fisherman's days were through when suddenly his cell phone started ringing!

If you haven't put two and two together yet, Igor's ringtone was Bieberoni's classic hit Baby, and apparently the bear hated it SO much he just scampered back into the woods!

The strange scenario obviously raised some questions, like was the bear #TeamOrlando or #TeamJustin? And more importantly, why was Igor's ringtone a JB song???

The 42-year-old claimed his granddaughter put the ringtone on his phone as a joke, however, he couldn't explain the Justin Bieber posters he had throughout his house!

OK, so we made that last part up, but we're guessing Igor is officially a Belieber now that Justin has saved his life!

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2 comments to “Justin Bieber Saves A Russian Man Who Was Being Attacked By A Bear! Well, Sort Of…”

  1. bieber blows says – reply to this


    At least two times I have read jb's baby video has the record for most dislikes on u tube

  2. allan says – reply to this


    somebody please feed this little asshole to a hungry bear