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Easter Came Early For Us In Rapa Nui

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Five phenomenal days in Easter Island!!! What an AWESOME way to kick off our big family Christmas trip!

The sights and history! The scenery! The adventures - from hiking to biking to snorkeling and horseback riding! And, THE FOOD!

Rapa Nui gave us a little bit of everything! We loved it!

CLICK HERE to see over 200 photos from our Easter Island adventure!!!
CLICK HERE to see over 200 photos from our Easter Island adventure!!!
CLICK HERE to see over 200 photos from our Easter Island adventure!!!

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EXCLUSIVE! Momma Perez Chats With The Guilt Trip Director Anne Fletcher About Making The Film… And Punching Moms?! WATCH HERE!

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Momma Perez charms again!

Yesterday, we were SO excited to present to you — our lovely readers — an exclusive interview with The Guilt Trip costars Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen, conducted by our very own mother…

And now we offer another adorable interview with the film's sweetheart of a director, Anne Fletcher (above)!

Anne dishes on how she got Barbra to take the role of Joyce Brewster, describes which were her favorite scenes to film, lets us in on her guilty pleasure foods, AND talks about punching… mothers?!

LOLz! Obviously not literally!

SO lucky to have the chance to sit down with such a talented director! And Momma made us oh so proud!

For the FULL Anne Fletcher interview transcript, click …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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EXCLUSIVE! Barbra Streisand & Seth Rogen Chat With Momma Perez About The Guilt Trip… And Nut Size?! WATCH HERE!

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We love our Momma Perez (obviously), and we adore the incredible icon that is Barbra Streisand and HIGHlarious actor Seth Rogen

So what better way to chat with the two stars of mother-son comedy The Guilt Trip (out TODAY people!) than by having OUR very own mother conduct the interview!

Ch-ch-check out the ADORBZ encounter (above)!

Seth and Babz dish on what it was like to be stuck in a small car together for WEEKS, discuss whether or not Seth was intimidated to work with such a "legend," AND they compare the differences of peanut size between milk and dark chocolate M&Ms!

What an incredible honor! SO many hearts for these wonderful, talented, entertaining human beings!

To read the FULL transcript of our exclusive interview, click …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Perez & Momma Perez: Together And Vlogging Again!

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It's been a while since we've made a video with Momma Perez, so this vlog is long overdue!

We catch up with Teresita about what she's been up to these last few months, her recent birthday, and our big upcoming Christmas trip!

She cracks us up so much!!!!

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Perez Hilton & Momma Perez Together On Today! WATCH HERE!

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Awww we love love love love our Momma Perez AKA Teresita more than ANYTHING…

And we were SO incredibly lucky to recently appear together on the Today show to discuss our personal and professional relationship!

Get an inside look into Perez Hilton's family dynamic (above)!

There aren't enough love-stuffed hearts in the world to shower upon our dearest Momma, and we are infinitely grateful for everything she does and everything she is!

Allll the kisses!

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Perez and Momma Perez Get Their Honey Boo Boo On!

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Reunited with mom and this is the silliness we get up to!

Gotta keep ourselves entertained! Makes the days more fun!


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MundoFOX's Launch Party Was En Fuego!

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We were TOTES thrilled to be a privileged guest at last night's fantastically fun MundoFOX Launch Party!!

So many wonderful celebs were present to celebrate the birth of Fox's new Spanish-language network including Eric Winter, Roselyn Sanchez, UFC legends Chuck Lidell and Cain Velasquez, and even Twilight vamp-Dad Peter Facinelli!

Of course, the best part of attending the entirely epic event was bringing Momma Perez as our plus-one!!

Check out the scorching hot pics from the shindig (below)!

Last night's party was excellent! ¡La fiesta de anoche estaba excelente!

More than that, though, we were all a part of history!!

MundoFOX should be an exceptional network. There is a ton of original programming planned, and most of it feels hip, fresh, and flirty — we think it can really resonate with the Spanish-speaking youth of America.

Get ready for television as U know it to change in just a couple days!!

[Image via Danny Tanner/WENN.]

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