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Madonna Vs. Perez Hilton: Who Vogued Better???

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Did Perez Hilton or Madonna wear this Vogue hat better??

Left: Perez Hilton posted a photo of himself a few months ago, wearing a Vogue hat with Perez Jr. in New York.

Right: Madonna wearing HER Vogue cap to spin class in West Hollywood on Wednesday!

Both wore the same headpiece with major 'tude, but we wanna know…

Who Wore It Better???

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Who Wore It Better???

  • Perez Hilton (38%)
  • Madonna (62%)

Total Votes: 4,976

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[Image via Instagram/AKM-GSI.]

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EXCLUSIVE! Perez Strips For Sally Jessy Raphael! Watch Us Bare Our Soul On Sally Jessy Rides!

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OMG!!! Hanging out with Sally Jessy Raphael on a party bus with a stripper pole is the most fun a guy can have without taking his clothes off!!

Oh, wait — we almost did that too, LOLz!!

Srsly, though — homegurl is a daytime talk LEGEND and we were completely honored to be the first guest on her fabulous new show Sally Jessy Rides!

She asked us a bunch of wonderfully probing questions and we filled her in on everything from our woman-crush on RiRi to the massive Mediannoche most Cubans keep in their pants!

Ch-ch-check out our EXCLUSIVE! kiki (above)!

Yes!!! We loved talking with Sally so much!!! We got some exercise in on the stripper pole and we even got to show off pictures of our totes adorable son, Perez Jr.!!!

Make sure and watch us on the premiere episode of Sally Jessy Rides tonight on LogoTV.com at 9AM PST.

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Cruising - Baby Style!

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Cruising - baby style! It's way different than how adults do it! Ha

"Many ten-month-olds progress from sitting and crawling to standing and cruising (walking while holding on to furniture) — quite an exciting development for all of you! "

CLICK HERE to learn more!

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Perez Jr. Stands On His Own For The First Time!!!

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And we caught it on tape!!!

We are way more exited than he is! Ha

Check out the LOLs and adorableness above!!!

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We're Making A BIG Change!

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So excited!!!!!!!!!

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My First Meal: Perez Jr!

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My first attempt at trying to eat real people food!

Daddy was super healthy and gave me tofu!

Check out the hilarity above!!

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Perez Jr Turns 5 Months Old!

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Checking in with father and son!

So much new and awesomeness!!!

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