Lynne’s Message To Britney


If only Britney Spears would reconcile with her mother AND her father!

Right now, that lost little drug addict girl needs the support and guidance of her family more than ever.

Unfortunately for her, being the fucktwat that she is, Britney has ostracized both of her parents (whom are divorced) from her life.

As her daughter’s world crumbles, a helpless Lynne Spears was in the family’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, on Wednesday, the same day that a Los Angeles judge told Britney that she would not get custody of her kids back and would only be allowed supervised visitation.

Momma Lynne was ambushed by reporters yesterday and simply answered back, “Just want to say, I love my daughter very much.”

Give your momma a call, Britney! You NEED her!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

Oct 4, 2007 1:26pm PDT

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