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Male Genital Odors Are History – Synerfied Healthcare Introduces NodorO├óΓÇ₧┬ó on

Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 4 2008 — Synerfied Healthcare introduces NodorO├óΓÇ₧┬ó on NodorO├óΓÇ₧┬ó is a safe and effective OTC (Over The Counter) medicated cream developed in accordance with an FDA approved monograph; This brand was specifically created to remove and prevent MGO (Male Genital Odors) and can be obtained immediately without a prescription exclusively on NodorO├óΓÇ₧┬ó website.

President/CEO and NodorO├óΓÇ₧┬ó Creator, Dominic Adams suffered from MGO since he was a teenager, until he realized his discovery. Adams personally tested the product for several years, which inspired him to share his discovery with the world and created NodorO├óΓÇ₧┬ó. “I could not imagine my sexual life without NodorO├óΓÇ₧┬ó anymore. I have no more fears of repulsing my partner due to bad genital odors. For anyone who has ever dealt with MGO, it is a miracle cream. I went from being embarrassed because of the smell, to being confident.” says Adams without embarrassment or shame anymore.

MGO affects men of different ages. It is more likely to occur to men who are not circumcised, due to the moist environment between the foreskin and the glans, which is a favorable ground for development of fungi cells. NodorOâ„¢ targets the micro-fungi called tinea corporis. However, MGO can also happen to men who are circumcised.

Statistically, during the past decade, circumcision has dropped from 90% to 56% (almost 50% of the US population*) and the number is increasing. At the present time, approximately one of every three American is not-circumcised. Therefore, there is a potential of approximately 33 million Americans who are at a high possibility of currently having MGO. The percentage is even greater worldwide. The WHO (World Health Organisation) stated in 2006, that about 70% of males are not circumcised worldwide. **

Unlike other products such as scented oils and perfumes, NodorO├óΓÇ₧┬ó does not mask or cover up the smell; it kills, destroys, removes and prevents odors. “Men have had to deal with this problem for centuries, and women had to deal with their partners having MGO. This subject has been taboo for the longest time” says Adams.

“The truth is that, bad MGO is a real turn off to women, and too embarrassing to discuss. Now that NodorO├óΓÇ₧┬ó is available, and that we are able to remove and prevent MGO, I predict that it will rejuvenate many couple’s sex life for all users, due to the increased attraction from their partner, and men’s increased confidence and happiness level. It inspired our slogan:”Lose the odor, keep your lover. NodorO, get some├óΓÇ₧┬ó”.

NodorO├óΓÇ₧┬ó is proudly manufactured in the United-States in compliance with the FDA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations.

NodorOâ„¢ is available for ordering on our website at:

Jan 4, 2008 4:22pm PDT

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