Don’t Mess With Woody!


Woody Allen is suing clothing company American Apparel for $10 million(!!!!) in compensatory and punitive damages for using his image on Internet ads and billboards.

$10 million is enough to keep his wife/former daughter happy for a very long time! Facials and frappucinos aplenty!

In federal court Monday, Allen said he never endorses services or commercials products in the United States, making the ads “especially egregious and damaging.”

According to the Associated Press, the suit is over some billboards that appeared in Hollywood, New York, and online back in May 2007.

The image on the ads is that of Allen, taken from a scene in Annie Hall, showing him dressed as a Hasidic Jew with a long beard and black hat. The text on the billboard is in Yiddish and means ‘The Holy Rebbe’.

Allen claims he was never contacted by American Apparel and never allowed the use of his image. He says the billboard falsely implies that he sponsors American Apparel.

In the lawsuit, Allen is described as among the most influential figures in the history of American film and accuses American Apparel of “blatant misappropriation and commercial use of [his] image.”

What was American Apparel thinking in the first place????

Would seeing Woody Allen on a billboard really persuade you to buy clothes?

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 1, 2008 1:40pm PDT

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