A Canadian provincial judge found Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger guilty of drunk driving on Tuesday.

Write a song about that, rockstar!

In June 2006, Kroger decided to drive his $175K Lamborghini (showoff!) at 160km/hour down a Surrey, Canada street with a blood alcohol content exceeding .08. His reading was a .14!!!

It is a good thing that he didn’t kill someone or hurt himself.

The frontman didn’t appear in court during his fragmented trial, which was heard in Surrey in November and January.

Way to be a man, Chad!

Kroger’s lawyer Marvin Stern asked the judge to postpone sentencing until the appeal process has run its course, but the judge declined — he wants the singer in court for the sentencing on May 1st.

Stern said his client is in Europe, recording or producing music. “I’m not exactly sure (which),” he said.
Hopefully neither.

Nickelback sucks farts!

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 2, 2008 11:40am PDT

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