Comin’ To Get Y’All!!


She’s suing mad!

Anna Nicole Smith’s momma, Virgie Arthur, is out to get some Texan bloggers and TMZ for spreadin’ falsehoods ’bout her on the internet which, she claims, dirtied up her reputation and lost her the rights to be the legal caretaker of granddaughter heiress, Dannielynn.

Virgie filed a complaint against said parties in a Texas state court on Monday.

Arthur’s complaint stems from a story titled Virgie Has Son with Her Stepbrother posted last April on TMZ. The story implies that the couple were stepsiblings prior to their relationship, said Arthur’s lawyer.

TMZ and their lawyers did not comment on the suit.

Lyndal Harrington, one of the Texan bloggers targeted by Virgie says she was shocked to hear about the lawsuit and that it’s been “hard to find an attorney to stand up for (her) First Amendment rights.”

Aren’t there public defenders in Texas who can help the bloggers out?!! Hmm. On second thought, maybe you only get a public defender if you do something crazy like armed robbery.

Help our fellow bloggers out!

Freedom of speech!

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Apr 22, 2008 11:50am PDT

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