The Jury Will Hear the Crazy


Picking up where J.K. Rowling left off (but much worse)…

Uma Thurman will be facing off with her accused stalker, Jack Jordan, in a Manhattan courtroom on Monday.

Thurman is expected to take the stand.

Jordan was arrested in October 2007 on misdemeanor charges of stalking and aggravated harassment. He was accused of following and trying to contact Thurman for more than two years.

Prosecutors say Jordan once tried to get into Thurman’s trailer on a NYC movie set and appeared several times at her Greenwich Village house.

Jordan also sent her a letter complaining that he had been confined to a mental hospital and was being forced to take medication, and he sent Uma’s father four e-mails expressing his love for her, prosecutors said.

The judge presiding over the case denied a defense motion to exclude documents written by Jordan in which he expresses love for Uma —including a letter he wrote to the actress and the above mentioned e-mails he sent to her father.

Yikes. Poor Uma.

We can’t believe that she had to deal with the crazy for 2 years!

That’s almost as crazy as that scary priest stalker that Conan O’Brien had!

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Apr 26, 2008 2:07pm PDT

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