Sharon Stone In the Running for Queen Cougar Crown


Move over Linda Hogan!

There’s a bigger, badder cougar on the block, y’all.

According to InTouch, Sharon Stone‘s new lover is half her age!

Fifty-year old Sharon is hitting it with a 24-year old no-one named Chase Dreyfous.

He reportedly told his pals at a birthday party in LA a few weeks ago, “I’ve started dating Sharon Stone, and she’s pretty good for 50.”

Such a sweet compliment!

A snitch says, “Sharon called him and he showed the caller ID to everyone.”

How tacky!!

Another insider says, “She’s really into him and even asked him to come with her to Mexico.”

Say hello to a new generation of gold diggers!

[Image via WENN.]

Aug 19, 2008 5:15pm PDT

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