No More Bratz for Brats


After complaints from parents, schools, and psychologists, Scholastic Inc. has decided to no longer offer Bratz books.

Yes, them hos have their own books!

And even psychologists are unhappy about it!

Scholastic sells discounted books to teachers and students through book fairs and book clubs, but now, after a push led by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, Bratz products will not be appearing on shelves or in catalogs at school.

MGA Entertainment Inc’s Bratz dolls – adorned in miniskirts, belly shirts, high heel boots, and, as a New Yorker article put it, “the sly, dozy expression of a party girl after one too many mojitos” – have proved so popular among little girls, that the brand has spun off into a full line of merchandise, including a computer game with print out patterns to design the perfect purse.

As if little girls didn’t have enough slutty role models out there!

The Campaign argued that through Scholastic, the Bratz image was being endorsed by schools to children.

Scholastic defended their initial support of Bratz, saying that the books inspired “reluctant readers” and as a company they are more concerned with “materials that appeal to children where they are, not where we would like them to be.”

In other words, once they become teenage mall sluts, it’s not really their problem.

With the books pulled from Scholastic, parents can now find something else to bitch about!

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Sep 18, 2008 2:20pm PDT

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