Linda Hogan Is Brizoke! Wants MORE Money


Either Linda Hogan is a liar or she’s the dumbest person alive!

Due to a court ruling, Hulk Hogan has been paying Linda $40,000 a month in temporary alimony payments.

That’s more than some people make in a year!

But now Linda is claiming she’s out of money.


In a hearing on Thursday, one of Linda’s attorneys asked the judge to set a hearing next month to talk about unfreezing some of the couple’s joint assets for Linda’s use. However, an attorney for Hulk said she wanted to see some proof that Linda was really out of money.

What or who could she possibly be wasting that kind of money on?

Hulk’s attorney said, “They have to tell me why she’s out of money. They have to show me in bank statements.”

Oh, and Hulk also pays some of her bills, in addition to the monthly alimony. For example, he’s required to pay repair and maintenance on their home in which Linda is currently living.

But Linda’s side wants more. They say Hulk is refusing to pay for “cable, pest control, window washing and their security system.”

WTF! Bitch is getting thousands a month. SHE should pay for that!

And surprisingly, this idiot, Judge George W. Greer, told Hulk’s attorney’s that he would have to pay for the cable, pest control and window washing bills.

Adding that Hulk would not be required to pay for the security system as that’s not Hulk’s problem any longer.

What, and Linda’s cable bill is???

Seriously, some divorce cases are ridiculous!

[Image via WENN.]

Nov 20, 2008 8:45pm PDT

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