Madonna Can Make Horses Fly!


Ah, yes, to be Madonna.

To have horses and riding instructors flown out to you at your whim!

Her Madgesty reportedly flying to Florida for the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival, and she’s having British eventer Daisy Trayford flown out from England to coach her.

The relationship started when Madonna bought two horses from Daisy, and Daisy’s been helping her out with them on and off since then.

Six months ago, Madonna had one of the horses shipped to the States, with the other horse following shortly thereafter.

Daisy describes Madonna as a “dream pupil” because if Daisy had said anything else, Madonna would have given her a right hook with one of those crazy Popeye arms of hers.

Daisy added, “She’s very driven, listens to what you say and just wants to do it and improve. You can always get somewhere with someone like that. When I started teaching her she hadn’t jumped at all and now she can jump a course of 1.05m. Jumping and hacking are her two favourite things.”

Hacking, eh?

[Image via WENN.]

Jan 14, 2009 8:45pm PDT

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