High Fashion Showdown: Armani vs. Dolce Gabbana


According to Giorgio Armani, the quilted Men’s trousers Dolce & Gabbana sent down a Milan catwalk last week, pictured above, are a blatant rip off of his work.

Armani reportedly exclaimed to a reporter, “I would understand if they were nobodies. But honestly!”

The quilted pants designed by Armani sashayed down the runway last June.

And, now, Armani is determined to teach the copy catting duo a lesson, even threatening to sue the duo!

He went on to say to the media, “Now they are copying. Later, they will learn.”‘

Dolce & Gabbana wasn’t having any of Giorgio’s slam and they retorted, “Surely we still have much to learn. But definitely not from him. Stylistically, the Armani style is not, and has never been, an inspiration source for us and we stopped seeing his fashion shows years ago.”

The last time the fashion world saw a vicious copycat fight was about 15 years ago when Yves Saint Laurent successfully sued Ralph Lauren for ripping off a tuxedo shirt dress design.

Sounds like precedent is on the side of Giorgio!

[Image via Getty Images.]

Jan 21, 2009 1:45pm PDT

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