Cirque Du Soleil Founder Is Being Sued By Babymomma – It’s Getting Ugly In Court!


Oh, how we love it!

Guy Lalibert├â┬⌐ – founder of the world famous and very very successful Cirque Du Soleil – is being sued by his former partner (They were never married!) for a $50 million lump sum settlement and $56,000 a month in support.

Them’s some expensive demands!

Laliberté met the woman when she was 17 on a beach in Brazil, then moved to Quebec and had 3 kids together. He left her in 2002 after 10 years together.

The woman already receives $35,000 a month in support, but she claims to be fighting on behalf of single mothers in Quebec, where the laws protecting single mothers from common-law relationships are notably weaker than in other places.

She’s SUCH a crusader!

The woman’s lawyers claim she cannot afford the lifestyle she and her children enjoyed during her relationship with Lalibert├â┬⌐.

Had the couple been legally married, Quebec law would entitle the woman to a large portion of the wealth earned during the couple’s marriage. But, since Lalibert├â┬⌐ and the woman were never married, she’s entitled to nothing.

If the case is won, its outcome could radically alter common-law regulations, which could prove beneficial to single parents who have made sacrifices for their partners and their kids.

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Jan 23, 2009 9:45am PDT

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