The End Of The Pussycat Dolls???


Here we go again!

When the Pussycat Dolls‘s version of Jai Ho was released, it was released under the name “Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger”, which everyone (especially us!) found a bit odd.

Now, the Dolls are preparing for the release of Hush Hush, a solo song which only Nicole sang on tour in Europe – while the other Dolls were off stage. Again, they are now releasing it as Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger.

Since Interscope, the girls’ record label, seems to be keeping quiet as to WHY this is, all fans can do is think up reasons. The big reason most people believe is that Nicole has actually now LEFT the Pussycat Dolls but is still remaining with them until the Doll Domination (their current poor-selling album) era is over.

If she does attempt to go solo again, hopefully – for her – things will go smoother than last time around!

And hopefully her label won’t spend the tens of millions of dollars they did to produce her album!

Apr 23, 2009 7:30pm PDT

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