Ellen Upsets A LOT Of Housewives!


We’ve been getting emails all morning from Perezcious reader about an epic failure over at the Ellen show on Monday.

The show was scheduled to record an episode with No Doubt and hundreds of fans came to see the outdoor performance on the Warner Bros lot. Many of our readers were out in the sweltering sun for close to 7 hours standing in line and all had reserved tickets for the episode.

Well, apparently there was an error in judgment on the show’s part and many of the fans were turned away. MANY!

It all ended almost violently!

Reader Kristen says: “At 4:15pm an Ellen rep with tons of police came out to say they had underestimated how many people could fit in the venue and thanks but go home.”

All of our readers stated that the estimated over-count for the show was 500!

500 disappointed people were turned away! How is that even possible? Who’s running this operation?!

There were a fortunate few who got to stand behind the stage, like reader Andrea, but even that was a disaster. Andrea writes: “We had no speakers to hear anything! My nose started bleeding and NO ONE even bothered to see if I was ok. The security guy just gave me a napkin. Two other girls fainted because of the heat.”

Everyone who was turned away was told to call back for tickets next season, but most traveled for No Doubt specifically and many refuse to return because of the horrible treatment they received from the staff.

Most of the fans wanted to know if host Ellen DeGeneres or No Doubt even knew about the problem and if this was something that often happened in Hollywood.

Probably yes. And yes. Sadly.

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May 19, 2009 8:30pm PDT

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