Britain’s Got Talent Meltdown! 10 Year Old Singer Breaks Down On Live TV

Little Hollie Steel is definitely not made of steel!

The aspiring singer made it all the way to the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent, quite an accomplishment.

During the live show on Friday, unfortunately, Hollie’s nerves got the best of her and the child forgot her lyrics, with her performance crumbling shortly thereafter. Steel began crying and it was quite sad to watch.

The child begged to start over again, and she was told that she couldn’t. However, Simon Cowell, who is the creator and also a judge on Britain’s Got Talent vetoed his own producers and let Hollie perform again later on in the broadcast.


That is sooooo not fair!

Yes, she is 10. But there are no “do-vers” in competition shows like that!

Don’t you agree????

CLICK HERE to watch Hollie crumble!

Update: The judges put her through to the final! WTF????


Aren’t there some “official rules” that this is breaking????

Everyone who gets flustered from now on should get the chance to start over again too!

If Susan Boyle hits a wrong note on Saturday’s finals, stop and do-over!!!!!!!


May 29, 2009 4:58pm PDT

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