Princess Leia Remembers MJ


With the memorial only hours away, celebrities are still sending out their words of remembrance for the fallen pop legend.

Star Wars icon turned author Carrie Fisher took to her blog to discuss her feelings for the late Michael Jackson and his role as a father and friend.

She says:

“Hello to one and all!

Tis I! Your intermittent blogmeister, back to provide you with inside information on The Late Michael Jackson. I was friendly with Michael. I believe that he considered us to be friends.

I visited him over the Christmas holiday at that weirdly expensive rental home somewhere here in Southern Cal. What’s odd is that I see fans laying flowers in front of homes that I don’t think Michael ever lived in. But then this whole scene is odd.

Here’s the thing though—–I saw Michael multiple times with his children and thought that he was a very good father. Not only based on seeing him with his children, but also based on his children themselves. They are very well behaved, respectful children, who seemed content in Michael’s company. I mean, I doubt if Michael cooked for them or parented them in ways that might be considered conventional, but you could see how much he loved them and how much they loved him. I do NOT believe that Michael did anything untoward to not only his children, but to any other child. He was a child himself. I never in any way viewed him as someone who was capable of doing what they accused him of doing. He was devoted to his family and doted on them. In a town where you more often see children of celebrities with their nannys and in the care of others, I never saw anything like that with Michael and his children. I would say he was a hands on parent, but with the press and some of the public being as they are, I wouldn’t want to say anything that could be interpreted in any way other than the loving scene that I observed between his 3 children and himself. And I stand to gain nothing in stating this.

Michael was one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever encountered. He was generous and polite. And where you might expect to see children that were pampered and spoiled, his children showed none of this.

I don’t believe that Arnie Klein is the father of these children. Why would he do that? He might as well just adopt 3 kids, rather than arrange a situaion where he was not the father. I realize these children don’t resemble him mightily, but I there must be some other explanation other than someone else fathered these children. Michael was eccentric, no doubt. But he was no fool.

My favorite news program that I’ve seen regarding this whole scene is a program that asked the question, “Are there too many programs on Michael’s death and who will gain custody of his children…….”

Anyway, there you have it. For now. I’ll let you know of any other insights I am privy to as we go along. If I can.

Aside from that, I’m fine. (whatever that means!) Tomorrow we go to Berkeley to do my show for two weeks to prepare for Broadway. Perhaps I will seek custody of Michaels children, depending on how things develop………

Unless you have some other suggestions. Everyone else seems to want to weigh in on it……..

Marry me,

Do U agree with Carrie?

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Jul 7, 2009 11:15am PDT

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