Americans Really Love Their TVs!


Are Americans really this lazy? Turns out we now own more TV sets in the country than the number of people living here!

As of 2009, each household now averages 2.86 TV sets, and with almost 115 million homes with TVs, that’s almost 330 million TVs!

According to the Nielsen study, there’s only an estimated 307 million people living in the US.

So where are the extra TVs going?

And the number keeps growing. In fact, the average number of TV sets in a household went up by 18% from 2000 and up 43% since 1990.

According to one analyst, “TV sets are, on an inflation-adjusted basis, becoming cheaper and cheaper [to buy]. If somebody looked at what the cost of an average TV was in the 1960s and looked at the inflation-adjusted cost of an average TV today, it’s a quarter of the real cost.”

Do U own more than one set?

We have three and watch none! Ha

Jul 23, 2009 9:00am PDT

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