Miley & Justin Getting Back Together?! But What About Niley???


That Kevin Jonas better make sure his fiancee is happy because it looks like his youngest brother may be suffering the same fate as Joe Jonas this week, making Kevin next in line to lose his girl.

As far as we know, little Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus are still a happy little tween, dream couple. However, we’ve noticed some Tweets that suggest a reconciliation between Miley and her ex-boyfriend, Justin Gaston.

A week ago, Miley must have been feeling a little angsty and threw on a John Mayer song to tweet to. She wrote on her Twitter: “Listening to Comfortable and thinking of you. I miss your voice”

Whose voice? Who are you thinking of? Well, if we go by the Twitter, we’re going to assume it’s Justin, as he Tweeted the song lyrics sometime after that: “Car ride with @benmschofield and @sierrajacobson9 listening to “I loved you, grey sweatpants, no makeup, so perfect” and you know it’s true”

Say it’s not so Miley! The JoBros have suffered enough this week!

Do you want to see Nick blubber like a baby like his big brother did?

You guys rule the tween Disney Kingdom! Don’t mess that up now!

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Jul 28, 2009 12:15pm PDT

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