Blaming The Assistant! Kennedy Fires P.A.


Now we would never reveal our sources, but Jamie Kennedy is publicly ratting out his now-former assistant, blaming him for reports that he was cheating on Jennifer Love Hewitt. Or so he’d like us, the world and her to believe.

Of rumors in their relationship, a rep for Hewitt says: “This is a completely fabricated story made up by a disgruntled former employee, terminated for cause. Jamie and Jennifer are happy and still together.”

A source close to Kennedy (maybe it’s him, maybe it’s not) tells exclusively:

“Jamie’s assistant, Miguel , went nuts and started making shit up. This is a David Spade situation, where the assistant gets jealous of the stars lifestyle and snaps. Miguel snapped and started texting Love late at night and just being a freak. Then he tried to take Jamie down by making shit up. Jamie’s lucky he didn’t get tazered in his sleep by this guy!

And there you have it!

The little guy takes the fall.

Poor Miguel, whether he’s guilty or not, he’s fucked!

[Image via WENN.]

Sep 28, 2009 4:15pm PDT

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