How Much Do You Love Your Vulva? Wear It!

What a great holiday gift idea?!

The gift of Yoni!!!

We kid you not, if it is your dream to walk around with your vulva hanging around your neck for all the world to see, than your wish has finally been answered.

We found this little “artistic” endeavor on and for just $23, you too can have a pendant of your “yoni”.

CLICK HERE to see the pendants! Warning: NSFW, obviously.

Each pendant is one of kind, sculpted from your submitted pictures to the artist (and she does request you send at least 2-3 pictures for accuracy) or your own, personal description. The artist asks that you include in that description the following:

*The shape of your inner and outer labia
*how much or how little your inner labia extend out from your outer labia
*how well hidden your clitoris is, is it heavily hooded or can you see it fairly easily?

Or if you prefer, you can order one sculpted from someone else’s “yoni”!

And don’t worry about any “wear and tear” – each pendant will be coated in a protective satin glaze.

As the website says, “celebrate your beauty” and put your order in NOW! All major credit cards, money orders, and sexual favors are accepted!

CLICK HERE to see the pendants! Warning: NSFW, obviously.


Oct 27, 2009 3:58pm PDT

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