The Mile High City Loves Their Pot!


So that’s why they call it the Mile High City!

Denver, Colorado is taking the wacky tabacky to new heights when it comes to food.

Ganja Gourmet, a medical-marijuana shop is offering a higher caliber of munchies laced with the sticky icky.

The shop offers lasagna or LaGanja, Panama Red Pizza, olive tapenade or ganjanade as well as sweets like cheesecake, muffins and the classic pot brownies.

As of last week, when it opened, 90% of its business has not surprisingly been takeout.

The food will cost you more than making a trip to your dealer. A whole pizza sells for $89 and a dozen Almond Horns costs $120.

But, don’t worry there’s a restaurant across town that plans to offer classes on how to make multi-course meals with pot in every dish!

We just hope the stoners aren’t cooking and smoking at the same time because that could quickly become a recipe for disaster!

[Image via AP Images.]

Dec 19, 2009 12:01am PDT

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