Cokate Cancels Trip After Eating Too Much!


This is almost hard to believe.

Kate Moss was forced to cancel her trip to Thailand after falling ill because she ate too much during Christmas!

Actually, her boyfriend Jamie Hince was the one who told her she couldn’t fly, but we’re surprised she listened. Since when does food stop Kate from doing anything!?

The vintage supermodel reportedly stuffed her face with turkey, Christmas pudding and was drinking since 10am.

That’s the Kate we know!

After Jamie told her she couldn’t fly, Cokate was devastated about canceling the holiday getaway but “only perked up when Jamie promised they’d still go away, but would have to re-book the flights.”

Unfortunately, she couldn’t get a refund and was forced to shell out more $$$ for new flights that took off on Tuesday night. Kate’s now calling the whole fiasco her ├é┬ú20,000 hangover!

If she can afford a $32 million house, she can afford a few extra thousand.

[Image via WENN.]

Dec 30, 2009 11:30am PDT

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