No More Love! saMAN Accuses Lindsay Of Sending The Paparazzi After Her


And she sounded pissed!

When going to Shamrock Tattoo parlor in El Lay last night with her stepbrother Alexander Jones, SaMAN Ronson couldn’t believe the paparazzi were there and then accused ex Lindsay Lohan of sending them!

She said to the paps, “For real? Are you that bored? Why are you here. Oh, she told you to come here? She told you to come here?

We can only imagine who she must be referring to!

As she was leaving, the photogs asked her a couple questions about LiLo including how she felt about DJ Jus Ske spending time with LOLhan in Miami. SaMAN looked pretty unfazed saying, “He’s my homie. I like that dude. He’s good people.”

One of the paps even brought up Lindsay’s Tweet about “Lohan mayhem” in 2010. SaMAN’s response?

“You know I don’t follow her on Twitter so I don’t know. Have a good night.

And she sped away in her Porsche!

Ouch, Lindz! She doesn’t even follow you on Twitter?! Sorry to say, but she seems completely over your dramz!

How’s that triumphant return to peen going?

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[Image via WENN.]

Jan 7, 2010 12:15pm PDT

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