Franz Ferdinand And Marion Cotillard Make Music For Dior


This is sort of odd, but interesting.

Scottish band Franz Ferdinand and the lovely Marion Cotillard have teamed up to record a song to promote the new Dior fragrance, Lady Dior.

Marion is Dior’s main gal, so we get why she is working to promote the fragrance, but why Franz Ferdinand? And why a song? And how does the song even promote the fragrance?

Called Eyes of Mars, the song is a breathy rock ballad, penned and played by Franz Ferdinand with the French actress singing vocals. Until now, Marion has only sung for her roles in Nine and La Vie En Rose. We have to say, we kind of wish she’d kept it to that. We love her, and we’ve always thought she sounds fine in her films – she has a good voice for an actress. But let’s not push it.

The music itself is interesting, but the lyrics are sort of repetitive and her voice just isn’t doing it for us in this tune.

And we’re still scratching our head as to how this promotes Lady Dior.

Click here to check out the tune.

Do you like it?

[Image via WENN.]

Jan 23, 2010 10:20am PDT

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