Hayden Pain-In-The-Ass Lives Up To Her Name


We’ve been giving her a break lately…but probably only because she’s been keeping her mouth shut!!!

Newly ginge Hayden Pain-in-the-Ass thinks her publicity stunt new look is relevant enough to warrant an explanation, so she babbled on to anyone who would listen at the premiere of Temple Grandin last night.

“I was tired of being a blonde and being… you get stuck in one thing and known for one thing and as a cheerleader or whatever that image.”

“It’s fun to change things up, and I feel I don’t have to overcompensate as much personality-wise when I have red hair as I do with blonde hair.”

“I’m typically a very fiery person anyway, but I just feel like cute and blonde and little is just so one category and one thing and changing my hair color, I feel like I don’t have to overcompensate so much for the fact that I don’t like being called cute or anything like that — especially being all 5-foot-2 of me.”

Don’t bite the hand that feeds it! If you weren’t cast as the Cheerleader on Heroes, you’d still be making shiteous sequels to Bring It On!!!

Girlfriend also spoke up about her appetite for older men, which we think is much more interesting!

“It just happens to be the people that I’m drawn to, and you go, ‘How old are you?’ And then it’s like ‘Typical!’ It’s just a number and it’s just on a birth certificate and whoever it may be, older, younger, blonde, brunette….”

Yeah…age is just a number, honey! Now that you’re a ‘fiery’ red head, maybe you should go for Michael Lohan! He needs a new fire crotch in his life!

Which poses the question: Do U Think Hayden dyed the carpet to match the drapes???

[Image via WENN.]

Jan 27, 2010 4:18pm PDT

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