Can John Mayer Handle The Truth???? About That Night We Spent With Him A Few Months Ago…


Just a few months ago, in October of 2009, Perez was in New York City hosting an event. John Mayer obviously was aware of this, as he’s repeatedly admitted in the past that he regularly reads our website, and he started blowing up our cell phone with texts.

The douchebag singer and Perez have had a secret (until now) text and email relationship (nothing sexual) for quite some time now.

Mayer invited us over to his NYC apartment – at 2 AM! – to “listen” to some tracks off his new album. We went – and arrived at 3 AM with three friends, who can verify that this indeed happened.

Over the course of the next five hours, Mayer and Perez pretty much ignored everyone else in the room and engaged in a heated non-stop conversation, the highlight of which was John confronting Perez about whether or not we really think he’s gay.

It went like this:

John: “You think I’m gay don’t you?”

Perez: “Yes.”

John: “I’m not.”

Perez: “Have you ever had a penis in your mouth?”

John: “Yes.”

Perez: “Your’e gay!”

Mayer has already admitted to making out with Perez. Hopefully one day soon he will admit he’s had a penis in his mouth too!

P.S. We’ll happily take another lie detector test to prove all this is true!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

Feb 10, 2010 1:02pm PDT

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