John Mayer Breaks Down In Concert! Boo Hoo!

Your words mean little to us anymore.

Last night, John Mayer choked up on his own bullshit stage in Nashville and apologized for his outrageously insensitive interview with Playboy magazine. As he says, in his “quest to be clever” he ended up coming off as a huge dick. He told his fans that he intends to “quit the media game” and that he just wants to “play my guitar.”

Thing is John, we’ve heard all this before. It never sticks with you. Mostly, because you work that Mayer charm and somehow, the universe forgives you to douche-up another day.

No doubt this will end in the same way.

Check out his emotional speech from last nights show. (above)

Sincere or no? What do U think?

Feb 11, 2010 9:24am PDT

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