Lil’ Wayne Off To The Clink!


He can’t delay it any longer now that his grill is all taken care of!

Lil’ Wayne
is finally due to be sentenced and begin his one-year prison term today for attempted gun possession.

It was originally delayed so Wayne could undergo eight root canals and delayed AGAIN after a fire broke out in the Manhattan Criminal Court Building.

He’s is expected to plead guilty today for attempted gun possession and turn himself in immediately after to begin his sentence. It’s also expected that he could be released in October instead of serving his full sentence due to pleading a lesser deal.

A New York corrections offer explains how the rapper’s time will be in jail:

“He’ll be housed with inmates who are classified in his category, and he’ll be able to be a regular inmate. He’ll be able to watch television, go into the day room and congregate with people of his classification. He’ll have no preferable treatment at all. He’ll be treated like a regular inmate.”

Good luck, Weezy! See ya in a few months!

[Image via Johnny Louis / WENN.]

Mar 8, 2010 3:00pm PDT

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