Awful. Georgia Teen Allowed To Bring Boyfriend To Prom Kicked Out By Parents.


This is so awful.

We were thrilled to learn yesterday that a Georgia High School had allowed a homosexual student, Derrick Martin, to bring his boyfriend to the Prom.

However, the poor kid’s parents were reportedly so upset about the media attention regarding their son’s homosexuality that they have kicked Derrick out of his house.

We have no idea how any parent could do something so unbelievably cruel to his or her own child, especially one who is brave enough to stand up for his rights.

Martin is currently staying with his friends, and is somehow keeping his chin up by focusing on his gratitude to those who have passed the teen words of praise and encouragement.

Hopefully his parents will realize what a terrible error in judgment they have made and understand how courageous their son is.

You’re in our thoughts, Derrick! You’re doing the right thing!

Mar 24, 2010 5:37pm PDT

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