Man Faces Serious Jail Time For Hacking Into Brit Brit And Obama’s Twitter Accounts!


Take notice, Ke$ha!

This is what happens when you eff with Brit Brit!

A French man is facing up to two years in prison on the grounds of fradulent access to a computer system for hacking into Britney Spears’ and President Barack Obama‘s Twitter pages – and he didn’t even POST anything!

Wow! That’s serious!

The man, under the pseudonym Hacker Croll, managed to hack in by guessing the answer to the ‘secret’ question that the site prompts for users who have forgotten their password, but apparently only to prove that he was capable of doing so!

Unfortunately, he was STOOPID and once in, screencapped the pages and posted them all over the net, which caught the attention of the FBI. They coordinated with French authorities to apprehend the idiot on Tuesday, and now is due for trial on June 24th!

Eek! He’s facing some serious repercussions for basically just being a douche, but the law is the law!!

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[Image via WENN.]

Mar 25, 2010 2:22pm PDT

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