High School Student Sent Home For Wearing Lady GaGa Shirt!


How ridiculous is this???

15-year-old Cole Goforth was sent home from his high school in White House, Tennessee, on Monday for wearing a GaGalupe shirt that says, “I Heart Lady Gay Gay”!!!!!

Are you kidding us???

Greenbrier High School is claiming the defense that a shirt with the word “gay” on it could potentially make students feel “uncomfortable.”

“I just think my sexuality isn’t widely accepted around here, so of course they are going to single me out,” said Cole.

“I think they are singling him out… They’ve made statements that if he wore this in California, he’d fit in just fine,” Cole’s mom, Julie Gordon added.

No kidding!

Apparently other students are allowed to wear “religious shirts and rebel flag shirts” to school, so why can’t Cole wear his Lady Gay Gay tee????


Little Monsters, this is unacceptable!

Apr 7, 2010 1:00pm PDT

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