Heidi Montag Alleges Sexual Assault From Hills Creator!


They must be trying really hard to completely severe their relationship with MTV!

This is about to burn some bridges!

Multiple sources close to Heidi Montag reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that the reality star is alleging that she has been touched inappropriate by the creator and executive producer of The Hills, Adam Divello.

“Tension on the set of The Hills has truly escalated in the last few weeks and Spencer and Heidi are very close to bringing legal action against the show,” an insider tells me.

The alleged sexual assault happened after Montag’s recent multiple cosmetic procedures, they claim. And, the inappropriateness included Divello repeatedly touching Montag’s “ass cheeks and lower back.” That would be very uncool!

Whispers have plagued Divello for years about the nature of his relationship with The Hills‘ former heroine, Lauren Conrad and inappropriateness there.

Those close to Heidi say that Adam’s inappropriateness towards her is one of the reasons why she has had a large number of security people with her while filming recently.

A Montag source says, “Adam can get away with that with the Audrinas and Kristins of reality TV but not with Heidi! He is a pervert and a creep. The other girls dont feel they can’t defend themselves because they are afraid they will lose their job if they talk about the man’s workplace behavior. Heidi will not tolerate sexual assault in the workplace!”

These are some very serious allegations!

We have reached out to Adam Divello and look forward to hearing his side of the story.

Update: We have received the following statement from Adam’s side:

“Mr. Divello denies the allegations and refers to the following statement issued by MTV: “We have looked into this matter and the allegations made against Adam Divello are completely false and without merit. Adam not only created ‘The Hills’ and ‘The City,’ launching the careers of several cast members, but has worked diligently to maintain a respectful and appropriate production environment.”

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Apr 13, 2010 11:01am PST

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