DASH Drama In Miami


Wherever the Kardashian‘s go, drama will follow.

Not only will their DASH store in Miami take money from little kids, they’ll also rip off designers for free shiz!

Miami based designer David Jon Acosta of clothing line Gold Saturn tells us the manager at DASH fell in love with his collection, but then a few days later things got weird.

David reveals:

I got an e-mail saying that she wanted a few samples in a size small, so that she could show customers and get feedback. I thought it was odd because usually buyers don’t request certain sizes for samples (red flag). The Buyer requested that I send her 6 total samples to both the Miami Beach and Calabasas locations.

Shortly after the package arrived to the stores, I get a text message from my friend (Dash employee), saying “I didn’t want to mention this, but the buyer has been known to request samples for her own wardrobe. She wasn’t really interested in your line, she just wanted free clothes. She takes advantage of her position and it’s no cool.” I was shocked. Apparently, she wasn’t really interested in ordering my pieces for the store, she just wanted some free swag.

I contacted the buyer shortly after to follow-up, and to request the samples be returned, however she has yet to respond. However, several girls have spotted her around town sporting Gold Saturn tees and dresses… not cool!


And apparently this isn’t the first manager to do it! David also reveals the reason the Lily disappeared from the show Kourtney and Khlo├â┬⌐ Take Miami is because she did the exact same thing!!!

Wonder if they’ll turn this into an episode? Probably not. Can’t make the store look bad, right?

Apr 23, 2010 5:00pm PDT

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