M.I.A. Is Kinda Crazy! Attacks Google And Facebook


Never one to shy away from controversy!

M.I.A. has recently taken a stand against websites Google and Facebook, claiming that they’re owned by the CIA and used as a means to monitoring the public!

She says:

“Anybody who is called the government is right. And anybody who isn’t called the government is not right… And you know, all governments are connected to Google, and all governments can shift their search engines so only what they want you to see comes up… I want kids to be aware of this digital circumstance… Everyone on the Internet is like, “Oh my God, come and join Facebook!” They’re all so optimistic… and really, everyone is fucking you up behind the screens. And I don’t like that. It makes it difficult for me to interact with my fans knowing that. Google and Facebook were developed by the CIA, and when you’re on there, you have to know that.”

Wow! Pretty serious stuff! And here we were thinking that the only use for Facebook was Farmville and posting unflattering pictures of drunk sorority girls!

What do U think?? Is she right or is this just a crazy conspiracy theory??

[Image via WENN.]

May 25, 2010 5:07pm PDT

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