No Rehab For Liza!


Thank god! We can’t see our Liza fraternizing with such riff-raff anyway!

Liza Minnelli supposedly “flipped out” when the story broke yesterday that she may be in talks to star on Celebrity Rehab. The deal would have put some serious cheddar in her sequined purse, but is the $$ really worth it?

Liza’s answer – NO!

Liza announced she would in no way star on the show, no matter how much money she was offered, but that isn’t stopping things on VH1’s end. They are adamant in landing the legend, hoping to put her in “the Mackenzie Phillips/Gary Busey position — already sober but strengthening her sobriety. We would not portray her as a drug addict.”

Um, yes you would! The show is called Celebrity Rehab! Why else would she be on???

Good decision, bb! Stick to doing your own thing!

[Image via WENN.]

Jun 3, 2010 1:00pm PDT

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