Orange Oprah Is Caught Lying!


The enabler has been caught in a lie!

Dina Lohan blamed a spilled drink for setting off her daughter Lindsay Lohan‘s SCRAM bracelet, but turns out that’s impossible!

A spokesperson for SCRAM explains:

“The bracelet could get an alert for alcohol spilling on the bracelet. However, SCRAM can easily tell the difference between exposure to alcohol around the bracelet and actual consumed alcohol that metabolizes through the skin.

“A spill or something else in the environment with alcohol (hairspray, lotions) would create a rapid spike much faster than the body would ever consume alcohol and would evaporate and burn off much faster than the body can metabolize alcohol.”

“Our confirmation process includes an evaluation that ensures there is no chance that an alcohol alert is anything but consumed alcohol. We’ve tested hundreds of products over the years to ensure that nothing can mimic the results of consumed alcohol—including this scenario.”

Let’s see what kind of “proof” the LOLhans come up with now — you know they’ll never stop trying to beat the system!


[Image via WENN.]

Jun 10, 2010 6:07pm PDT

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