R-Patz Doesn’t Get Twilight!



It may be massively popular, but even the main effing character realizes that the movie just plain sucks!

Robert Pattinson revealed recently that despite being skyrocketed into superstardom by the Twilight franchise, he up until recently avoided watching his own movies!

And now that he has, he’s made some pretty astute observations regarding their watchability!

He admits:

“I just saw ‘Twilight‘ on TV for the first time a few days ago. Now that I’ve seen it, [I realize] you do need to read the book to get it. I was like, ‘What?!’ and I’m in it.”

We have to agree, bb!

But don’t be too hard on the director – the source material only gave her SO much to work with!

So it’s official – unless you’re a Twi-Hard salivating all over yourself the minute those vamps start sparkling, Twilight just doesn’t make sense – even to its cast!


[Image via WENN.]

Jun 15, 2010 12:30pm PDT

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