Introducing: Butch Clothing Company


There’s no need for butch lesbians to shop at the mens store because there’s finally a clothing company just for them: the Butch Clothing Company.

The company has been 25 years in the making for owner Shaz Riley, but now that dream has become a reality. She says of her new business:

“All those years of having to wear men’s clothes will be behind me now. BCC will make a lot of butch women happy. If they have ever had to put up with negativity from people because of being butch, my clothes will give them the confidence to hold their heads up high.”

The BCC is based out of Brighton, England and will be focusing primarily on formal wear. However, they will also be selling shirts, shorts and pants.

Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, actually.

What do U think???

[Image via WENN.]

Jun 21, 2010 7:15pm PDT

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