Completely Gratuitous


Maybe it’s good luck for him to gamble in next to nothing!

Either way, we APPROVE! HOT DAMN!

Chad Ochocinco‘s Twitter page got all kinds of SEKSI lately when he posted a pic of himself gambling in Las Vegas in his briefs, with the messages:

“Walking around MGM lobby in my gold toe socks and h&m briefs seeing who’s winning on these slot machines, people looking at me crazy WTF”

“Back in my briefs and socks walking down Flamingo or as they say the Las Vegas strip, when it gets a lil cooler ill put on some clothes”

No, bb! Now that we’ve seen what you’re working with, we’d rather you lost what’s left of your clothes – NO NEED to put any more on, thank you very much!

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Jul 16, 2010 7:44pm PDT

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