Kellan Teases Being Shirtless For An Entire Movie!


Someone get us a time machine because we don’t know if we can wait until next fall to see this thing!!!

While he is known to many as the guy in Twilight, Kellan Lutz is known to us as the hunk having the best set of abs in El Lay. Everytime we see him without his shirt on it’s like a hug from the universe!

While talking to the press at the Do Something Awards this weekend, Kellan started opening up about his upcoming movie, Immortals, in which he plays a god. When he was asked his costume, Kellan explained:

“We, us gods, are pretty much semi-naked and wear skirts but the costumes are amazing, we have the best costume designer. The movie’s gonna be great.”

Yes! Thank you, universe!

Get that costume designer a drink and an Oscar on us!!!

[Image via WENN.]

Jul 22, 2010 9:15am PDT

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