Chef Mario Batali Sued – For Stiffing Employees!


Take notes, Gordon Ramsay. This is exactly what NOT to do to fix your money problems.

Acclaimed chef Mario Batali is being sued by some of his former employees for allegedly running a tip-stealing scheme. According to a former bartender who used to work at one of Batali’s El Lay joints, the Iron Chef screwed him and the others out of some serious $$$.

Supposedly, Batali and his partner concocted something called a “Wine Program.” Basically, anytime tips were left on a credit cared, a percentage of that was kept for themselves, before giving the staff their dues. The employees also claim that they weren’t paid promptly upon being let go and when they did work, they weren’t given adequate breaks.

Now they are looking for some serious damages, which sucks for Batali because he is already saving up to pay off another group of people suing him…on the East Coast, for the same thing!

Oh boy! Doesn’t instill too much confidence in your innocence, sir!

[Image via WENN.]

Aug 17, 2010 9:40am PST

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