Vampire Bill In Talks To Play Dr. Doom In Fantastic Four Remake!



Why the EFF do they keep rebooting all of these relatively new superhero franchises?!

Granted, this one did suck pretty bad, but STILL!

As we’ve reported, Fantastic Four is the latest to get a brand new cast and flick, and is being re-worked with the name Fantastic Four: Reborn!

The new script is allegedly being written by Michael Green, who worked on Green Lantern, and there’s quite a few names being thrown around to take on the heroes, none of which interest us!

It’s the name associated with the villainous Dr. Doom that caught our attention today!

Sources are claiming that our beloved Vampire Bill, AKA Stephen Moyer, is up for the role!

Obviously, we think he’s above this mess, but maybe he’ll make it watchable! Unless they throw him in that douchey costume like they did to Julian McMahon! Update that design along with everything else, PLEASE!

What do U think?? Should Fantastic Four be remade??


It’s now being reported that Bruce Willis has been offered the part of The Thing! According to insiders, the character would be done in completely CGI, so Willis would only have to provide the voice of the character, with the exception of a brief, pre-credit sequence scene!

We still think it sounds lame! Ha!

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Aug 30, 2010 4:25pm PDT

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