Blacklisted! Paris Hilton And Vegas Not On Good Terms


Looks like her VIP status may have been taken away along with the cocaine in her “friend├óΓé¼Γäós purse”.

After Paris Hilton’s drug-related arrest, it looks like she may not be as sought after in Vegas clubs as she so recently was. Here’s what a club owner had to say about it:

“Because Vegas nightclubs are under so much scrutiny right now, I don’t know how welcome she would be. Considering she’s busted for cocaine, people might assume that she’s going to the club either to use coke or she’s already on coke, and no club wants to be associated with that.”

More from another former club exec:

“A club would never be allowed to book Paris for an appearance right now. A club would want to book her because of the press it would generate right now, but it would never happen because no one wants to jeopardize gaming licensing or liquor licensing.”

Apparently, Paris would still be allowed to partake in Las Vegas nightlife, but she wouldn’t get paid to make appearances, and her bag would have to be checked before entering any clubs.

At least she’s not completely banned!

[Image via WENN.]

Aug 31, 2010 4:55pm PDT

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