Bristol Says Sexy Sarah Is Pumped For DWTS!


Well, why shouldn’t she be? Now she gets to get back on a campaign trial…sort of.

Last night, it was confirmed that Sarah Palin’s unwed, hypocritical teenage mother daughter, Bristol Palin, will be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

One could solidly argue that Bristol is filling the controversial spot on the line-up, following in the footsteps of Kate Gosselin from last year. And just like Kate from last year, Bristol is already doing interviews. The #1 question – WHY???

After the announcement was made last night, Bristol explained to sources why she felt the need to do the show. She said:

“I decided to do the show to get out of Alaska for a few weeks, do something fun and positive and have a good time. My mom’s excited for me. She knows this is real family entertainment.”

Oh yes! We can’t wait until she insists that a huge screen be erected in the middle of Wasilla so they can show the first episode in the middle of town! Luckily for her, Levi Johnston isn’t mayor yet, so she will probably get away with it. And speaking of the douchey father, how does he feel about Bristol’s new gig? Bristol says:

“I don’t want to talk about Levi. I’m here to talk about doing something fun and positive.”

Yeah, that love and light attitude isn’t going to last very long. Give Levi one week on The Insider and we can guarantee she’ll be squawking bitchiness at him in no time!

Bristol will be partnered with two-time champion, Mark Ballas, who says that their rehearsals have started and while Bristol is “nervous,” she apparently has a “dancing demon” that he intends to pull out of her.

Why do we feel like Tony Dovolani regrets having said the same thing one short year ago?!

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Aug 31, 2010 10:50am PDT

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