Hey Miami Beach! Look At Your (Wo)Man!!!


Straight from a tranny bat cave, here is Miami’s own Pretty (Wo)Man!

A Perezlicious reader was out and about in South Beach over the weekend and stumbled upon this he/she wonder!

Few things that make this (Wo)Man that much more magnificent! For one, his mask fits seamlessly with the rest of the outfit he dug up from the dumpster behind Children’s Place.

Two, he clearly has a good thing going, since her breasts seem to be lactating dollar bills.

Three, he’s toothless. ‘Nough said!

But the most amazing thing we’ve noticed about this delightful (Wo)Man is that he is married! Check out the band, bitches! Ha!

There’s someone out there for everyone! Amazeballs!

Sep 28, 2010 5:30pm PDT

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