Mug Shot Hall of Fame



The man pictured above was arrested for failing to appear in court to answer a misdemeanor charge of operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent.

We think he should have been arrested for that tattoo plastered on his head. Apparently, in 2000, a disc-jockey jokingly offered six-figures to anyone who tattooed the radio station’s letters ├óΓé¼┼ôKORB├óΓé¼┬¥ onto his/her forehead. Not only did this man take it seriously and head straight to the tattoo parlor, but his stepson tagged along and branded himself with the embarrassing tattoo as well.

He and his stepson took the radio station to court when they refused to pay. They eventually dropped the case and were left with two of the dumbest tattooes of all time.

LOL! Don’t believe everything you hear on the radio!

Sep 29, 2010 9:30am PDT

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