Boo! Michigan School Robs Transgender Teen Of Homecoming Title!

Stoopid! He won – fair is fair!

A young transgender teen in Michigan was stripped of his title as Homecoming King after the school decided he didn’t “qualify.”

The teen, who friends refer to as Oak, has until now felt the complete support of his choice to be transgender. Teachers use him or he when calling on Oak in class and he is permitted to wear a tuxedo while performing in the marching band. When he started his campaign on Facebook to be crowned homecoming king, the response was massive, the whole school rallying behind him.

But then, last Monday, the principal called Oak into her office to announced that all of his votes were “invalid” because he had enrolled in the school as a female. The district apparently feels that the choices for homecoming royalty should remain ” a boy for king and a girl for queen.”

Despite the ruling of the district, a wonderful thing happened to prove to Oak that he was worth of the title. His classmates started a Facebook group called “Oak Is My King” and people from around the school and world have joined to show their support. On October 1st, the group encourages students to wear shirts with the phrase “Oak Is My King” to prove to administrators that they made a mistake.

Check out the video above to learn more about Oak and his story!

He’s got a lot of friends in his corner! He should really be thankful for that!

Equal rights for all!

Sep 29, 2010 9:10am PDT

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